To engage veterans in community projects that utilise their valuable transferrable skills.  To create life changing employment, volunteering, education and training opportunities that reduce social isolation and promote their physical and mental wellbeing.


For some veterans a return to civilian life can be a joyous experience for both them and their families. However, in some cases it can be an experience fraught with transitional difficulties that are multiple and complex in nature and include self isolation, mental & physical health problems,unemployment and relationship breakdown.

We aim to provide an environment where veterans can feel physically and psychologically safe and where they can access opportunities through a 'One Stop' Cafe and access to specialist employment support and participation in meaningful and challenging activities. 

Forward Assist Veteran Support Services bridge the 'Soldier to Citizen' gap by providing one to one support, peer led group support, and meaningful activities that benefit the wider community and improve participants’ mental and physical health.

Forward Assist is an award winning charity (Centre for Social Justice Awards 2015) and full member of COBSEO (Confederation of British Service Charities).

Forward Assist provide support and guidance to former servicemen and women that experience difficulties in adjusting to a new life as a civilian. Forward Assist offer inter-generational support to both male & female veterans and their families. The veterans we work with are aged 18-100 years of age and come from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds.

Forward Assist has specialist expertise in working with unemployed veterans and those with direct experience of unemployment, homelessness, involvement in the CJS, family breakdown and/or chronic social exclusion. We know that many of the veterans we engage with experience difficulty accessing support in relation to issues around adjustment, transition and identity.

Our volunteer employment coach & life coach assist veterans to access services and entitlements whilst improving future employment prospects and life chances.

Forward Assist use ‘Community Benefit’ projects to give our military veterans a sense of purpose, direction and a sense of belonging. These projects give former military personnel an opportunity to utilise their transferable and leadership skills. Sport and physical activity is a key element of our service delivery and we have had some outstanding outcomes for both able-bodied & disabled veterans as a result of our unique and innovative interventions. Through consultation and research surveys; Forward Assist is now recognised as being at the cutting edge ‘best practice’ and has a comprehensive understanding of the key issues facing those making the transition from Soldier to Citizen. The veterans we work with help us understand where the gaps in service provision are, and as a result we have been able to design an organisation that is 'needs led' and not service led. As a charitable organisation, we play a critical role in providing support to individuals that have multiple complex issues that can sometimes overwhelm mainstream service providers.