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Citizenship Reloaded 

Forward Assist are offering military veterans a unique opportunity to take part in an 8 week  veteran specific course designed to improve the Quality of Life  for those making the transition from military service to civilian life.

The interactive group sessions will be facilitated by highly qualified and experienced Social Worker & Mental Health professionals.  A host of specialist partners including a Life Coach and Veterans with lived experience will facilitate the group sessions. The groups will take place between  10.00-13.00 hrs at the John Willie Sams Centre in Dudley near Cramlington Northumberland. (Dates TBA) Lunch and refreshments will provided to all participants. The programme will be delivered throughout the year over a rolling 8 week period.

The topics covered will include:

Who are you?

  • Identity - Transition - Adjustment - Assimilation 

Navigating Support Services in Civilian Life

  • Drug & Alcohol Dependency
  • Mental Health Support
  • Family Support
  • Housing

Resilience Training & Problem Solving Skills   

  • Communication Skills 
  • Life Coaching 
  • Goal Setting 
  • Citizenship & How to Serve Your Community 
  • Being - Becoming - Belonging