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Launch Of The Truck

We are launching our mobile coffee shop in August 2017, supported by Starbucks. This enterprise will provide veterans with the opportunity to train as a barista with Starbucks, leading to employment on the Salute Coffee truck working at local festivals and events.  The truck is will also be used on a daily basis at a local venue… more details to follow!

The opportunity to become employed by Salute Enterprises will provide several veterans to learn and develop customer service and entrepreneurial skills, whilst becoming more socially integrated


Our mobile coffee shop ready for business!

Our mobile coffee shop ready for business!

History Of The Truck

The vehicle is a converted Land rover 101, which was originally registered by the MOD in January 1977.  It was shipped over to the Falkland Islands during the conflict in 1982, and served by transporting artillery, so can claim to be our very own veteran!  At the end of the conflict, it was left on the islands, and acquired by a local farmer who used it to transport supplies across the island.

It was returned to the UK in 2013 by a Land Rover enthusiast who converted it in to a camper van, along with the distinctive tiger stripes.  Forward Assist bought the truck in late 2016, with the assistance a grant from the Northstar Foundation, and have converted it into the coffee truck it is today