Female Veterans Declare War On 'Sexism'

Female veterans have declared war on the way women are portrayed in children's books about the military.
They've taken part in a mass book hack to draw attention to what they see as sexist portrayals of military women.
The first problem, they say, is the lack of women in children's books about the military.
They also say that when women do appear, there's something not quite right.
Dr. Helen Limon, a researcher at Newcastle University, described the problem this way:

"There were no women in any of the military sticker books, even though these are really popular books... and then when I phoned the publisher and said 'I'm doing this project, I really need some more women', they sent me some books which (are) the pinkest thing I've ever seen in my life. It's like the book explodes and just throws glitter in your face - they're really very, very.. girly."