Stephen served for 26 years within the Royal Engineers, retiring as a WO1 in July 2014. His future employment plan was to settle in Hartlepool, gain employment within a commutable distance and strike up a work life balance that suited his family, after spending many years away with the Army.

He managed to gain employment relevantly quickly with a training provider which at first seemed ideal. However it soon turned out that the expectations from the company wasn’t what had been agreed and had meant Stephen had to stay away from his family most of the week and unable to make family plans etc. This put a large strain on his personal and family life.

A former colleague put him in touch with Forward Assist and we had an initial meeting to discuss the problems that he had encountered and faced daily throughout my employment since leaving the forces. We put a plan together to improve Stephen’ employment and family life. This included amending Stephen’s CV and introducing him to several potential employers. We had discussions with one particular employer, Miles Macadam, who weren’t actively recruiting but knew that Stephen would be ideal for their company, so they agreed to interview him.


They were so impressed with Stephen they offered him a full time permanent position.

Stephen said of his experience working with Forward Assist:

‘Sarah has absolutely fantastic in providing the support and guidance since our introduction and played a key role in my decision to gain new employment with Miles Macadam which I started work with in June 16.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Forward Assist and more importantly Sarah for going the extra mile always being on the end of the phone and giving me the support and confidence to embark onto a new career.’