Denise joined the Army in 1989, serving for over ten  years, which included 2 tours of Bosnia. In 1999 Denise decided to leave the Army and became a reservist in 2001 returning to Bosnia on a six month tour before re-joining regulars army again in 2001.

Denise was posted to Cyprus and Germany and served in the Falkland Islands and Afghanistan.  In 2014 Denise was medically discharged from the military with mental health issues and was later diagnosed with PTSD. 

‘By the time I left army I had become a recluse, isolating myself from family and friends. It wasn't until 2016 that I finally engaged with  Forward Assist. 
 I participated in a number of the women veteran’s activities arranged by Forward Assist and as well as attending social events I took part in an equine therapy course organised and facilitated by the charity.
Forward Assist helped me gain the confidence to turn my hobby of photography into my own business. I struggle a lot with a lack of self-confidence,  but  I'm fighting through that and believe I can achieve a lot in the future.
The more I engaged with the women veterans group the more I began to see parts of my personality that I thought was lost returning. I’m delighted I was given the opportunity to attend a women veteran only residential retreat in France with Life Coach Polly Brennan and the other women veterans.'
Thank you.