Shirley served 6 years in the Army with the Army Air Corps and the Royal Horse Artillery, which included a 6-month tour of Iraq. While Shirley was in Iraq her unit was hit by a rocket attack, causing great distress to Shirley and resulting in her been medically discharged with PTSD. She also struggles with anxiety, depression and borderline personality disorder.

Since leaving the military Shirley had struggled with civilian life, still seeing herself as a soldier. She has struggled with drug & alcohol issues as well as being arrested previously.

Shirley was referred to Forward Assist in 2016 by Combat Stress and has since got fully involved with a variety of activities including the female veterans group, climbing, equine therapy, cook2give and cycling. As well as a number of intensive 1-2-1 sessions with our case workers.

‘Forward Assist have physically and mentally made me more confident. I’ve made bus journeys which would never have happened without their help. They go way beyond the call of duty to help veterans. I look forward to the future now thanks to Forward Assist’.