James self-referred to us after seeing our minibus parked up in the HQ car park and popped into our  Veterans 'Drop in'. He served Twenty Three Years in the Cold Stream Guards, completing a number of tours including Bosnia, Northern Ireland and Iraq.

James has suffered with poor mental health since leaving the military. He had been unemployed for six months and financial difficulties that were having a negative effect on his personal relationships.

His initial assessment involved discussing and identifying what type of work he wanted to do and what kind of support he needed from us to achieve his goals.

James started volunteering with Forward Assist and this helped reduce social isolation, increase self esteem and add structure to his week.

James was employed by a local construction firm but was made redundant after the company unexpectedly ceased trading in December 2017.

James came back to the charity for support and with the support of staff was able to get employment through an employment agency within weeks of the closure of his old firm. He continues  to volunteer for the charity whenever he can.