Denise joined the Army (WRAC) in 1989. She served for ten years with two operational tours in Bosnia.

In 1999 Denise decided to leave the Army and then became a reservist in 2001 to go back to Bosnia on a 6 month tour, then joining the Regulars again in 2001. more

Stephen served for twenty six years in the  Royal Engineers, retiring as a WO1 in July 2014.

His future employment plan was to settle in Hartlepool, gain employment within a commutable distance and strike up a work life balance that suited his family, after spending many years away with the Army. .… more


James self-referred after seeing our minibus parked up outside our HQ.

He served 23 years in the Cold Stream Guards, completing a number of tours including Bosnia, Northern Ireland and Iraq. …more




At the age of 18 Stan, joined the RAF and served nine years in various locations around the world, reaching the rank of Senior Aircraftsman Technician (SAC).

He left the military at the request of his then wife whom he subsequently divorced and it was at this point he began to misuse alcohol... more